Ron Mueck


Ron Mueck is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in Great Britain.





9 Responses to Ron Mueck

  1. APEMASTA says:

    Yea, i really enjoy this guy’s work; great post. You should look at Carole Feuerman’s work, if you haven’t done so already; she’s another hyperrealistic sculptor.

  2. I want more positive

  3. Alix Allbrighton says:

    I am 14 and doing some research on him for my GSCE course (BTEC Art and Design) and from what i’ve seen of him is amazing, Ron Mueck is so talented my final piece of work is going to look like a stick man but what can you expect.

    People should leave nicer comments on here, because like they could do better. I admire his work and cant wait to see the rest.

  4. N Waler says:

    I think these are incredible! I find them fascinating but disturbing, my first reaction to the baby was horror, but it is in fact quite beautiful. It’s wierd how changing the scale of something can make it so different. I would love to see an exhibition.

  5. shae says:

    im 15 and saw Ron Muecks in bed at the gallary of modern art. he is the kind of artist whose sculptures can just blow your mind. not jus because of their large proportion but because they pocess (sorry im a sucky speller) such an essence that makes your mind wonder and tells a story. jody rallah is also an amazing upcomming artist. her works havn’t been displayed yet but they are incredible.

  6. Kaylah says:

    Ron Your work is amazing. i admire you for the patience that yu would have to have had to be able to complete this. i wouldn’t have been able o do it.

  7. marc says:

    yes i agree he is truely incredible. jody rallah? hold on i know her my goddness she has freakish potential, very veryy talanted. infact i met her once andsaw her work and believe me i know talent when i see it. she told me her and her friend jamie i think had recently opened a stall at the markets. sorry i know this is a ron mueck site. but jody rallah is going to be big i ca garrentee you that.

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