Click Here to Listen and Download “Intro”

Click Here to Listen and Download “Billionaire”


11 Responses to COMING SOON I PROMISE!!!

  1. Red.October says:

    I already have Billionaire in the itunes on repeat for a while. The intro crazy too. Me and my people out here in Texas have been waitin’ for this mixtape!

  2. Yooooo cant wait tapes bout to be sick

  3. Beezzyyy says:

    the second mixtape it gonna be doppe as hell , and the song with mr hudson wow i waiting

  4. Sr Fresco says:

    yo when u say soon, i hope u mean this week. Cuz im a real muzik head and im fiendin for some G.O.O.D. music.

  5. Name? says:

    FAm Thank god!!! U was starting to get me mad!!…lmaooo I can’t wait tho! I hope that shit is firee too!!

  6. GrahamCEO says:

    Been waiting for that Sean!!
    Been showing you love for a minute over at Fresh Out The Oven too.
    Keep it moving in 2009
    All The Best to all The Best.

  7. Mr.Londoner says:

    we been waiting..

  8. [slick] says:

    yea mann..stop jiving with that shit man i need dat

  9. DaProduca says:

    thanx 4 these 2 joints dey are tight as hell…yeah Intro is dope & billionaire is sicc 2, keep em komin homie im lookin fwd to yor stuff cus I can see ya comin up, buh serious shits banging Ya Dig, keep droppin dat fire homie, thanx 4 it.

  10. i cant wait man i’m a fan and cant wait for more material from you

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