GLC ft. Kanye West “Big Screen”


Click Here to Listen and Download “Big Screen”


7 Responses to GLC ft. Kanye West “Big Screen”

  1. h.e.r. says:

    Blog is looking good, keep it up
    looking foward to the content.

  2. Jaison Joseph Lim says:

    What the Deal Sean keep doing your thing!

  3. Dekk says:

    Damn this is so fire……. Like, damn for real…

    Been in touch with a dude named Scolla who speaks highly of you. Said he’s hoping that ya’ll can rock the sour patch beat on my blog…

    *crossing my fingers cause im a fan*

    Much love and success to you in ’09


  4. DaProduca says:

    man dis shit is hella tight, kanye & GLC doin it, dis is ma anthem rite now!! thank you 4 dis

  5. LaVish says:

    This song is ill…Ye killed it, and the beat’s dope…good to see GLC doing it.

  6. Erica says:

    I like that beat and I like GLC.

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