Supa Dupa!!!


14 Responses to Supa Dupa!!!

  1. Gumbo Finally Famous says:

    OH LORD!!!!!!!

  2. Mel says:

    lol …I put your blog in my favorites

  3. NO-BIZZI says:

    Consider it blogged

  4. DaProduca says:

    DAMN dat studio session sounds dope (no homo) u doin dope so far homie good lookin on yor nu blog it off da chain, thanx 4 dis it is tight

  5. adubb finally famous says:

    tell dat bitch to eat er heart out….kano

  6. TexaCali says:


  7. Erica says:

    Oh Lord!

    I was feeling that, the track sample got better towards the end, the vibe kicked in.

  8. Andre Ramone says:

    Who did the track?

  9. yoo big sean
    is it actually you blogging on this site or does somebody else update it for you?

  10. “And I’m expected to blow…Lindsay” WOW! People just don’t know how ill this record really is! Big sean keep doing your thing, Detroit needs this.

    – Unusual Minds (formerly J&K Productions,llc)

  11. U already know im feelin the HELL out of your shit, Big Sean….. Keep doin wat you do babe.

    Amanda aka Bella ;)

  12. A.Coney says:

    “Remember that the FF doesnt stand for Fendi. Finally Famous. You are an attendee!”

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