Interview w/ Jen The Pen

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  1. says:

    Someone posted this about YOU on

    I like dude. he can rap really well. He is a humble cat and you can tell he is just happy to be on the scene. But humble action dont get a fool fed.

    That “Supa Dupa” track is so raw….. Rappas take heed.

    Lyrics are coming back!
    I only wish he got as much attention as kid cudi has gotten from GOOD MUSIC. Kid Cudi got to actually be on 808 and HeartBreaks. Big Sean didnt. They released a remix not on the album with Big Sean on “Paranoid” He should be heated. That is a major disadvantage for him. Both of these artist are coming out in 09 too. No sign of Big Sean in XXL either for the New Leaders XXl mag in Nov. He just put a fully functional website in Jan. YOu (big Sean) should have had this (website) as soon as you dropped your verse on that mixtape in 07 on ye stuff. Getting hella fans. Cuz Ye anit paying the right amount of attention. In the interview he said he known Kanye for 2 years!!! and he just not getting on??? Come on man.. he should have been on that 808 album not no damn remix NOT on the album. I guess no one can complain about promotion. Big Sean should be seeing this by now. He needs to step his game up. Take hint from Mickey Factz ! Mickey and Cory..goes in FULLY on online viral media attacks like no other. Big Sean needs to pay attention and be on line more often if he is tryin to drop an album in the spring !!! I mean…Kid Cudi is good on melody type rap, not really feeling his raps in general.

    But Lyrics are a GO in 09 for sure..all the new dudes that have gotten famous on line in XXl mag are ALL about Lyrics!!!!…now the big test is coming up. Can they SELL????..this is a completely different model when it comes to getting artist known with out alot of label push. None of these cats have sold one album yet. Just pure BUZZ and shows…. We shall see. 09 is the year to see if this is the new formula for breaking an artist. I would say Wale and Kid Cudi are the two dudes to look at. I dont think Big Sean should drop his stuff first qaurter. People still dont know him has well as Wale and Kid Cudi. Wale has has 2 year head start before releasing his album. Kid Cudi had a full year and a underground hit top it! What Big Sean got? They just now started to put him on the road. He got no real support on his ” finally famous” mixtape. He got no Release party for that mixtape. Cudi sure did, hell Ye came to the party in NYC remember..all over the internet. The mixtape i had to find on my own.. After i heard him on that “Cant tell me nothing” mixtape..which was in 07!!!….I hope it works for him …he is RAW as Hell but his viral media game is WEAK!!!.. He should be 2 years in just like Wale is..

    His most popular youtube which is only one is hime doing a supa dupa verse!…at the def jam office. Thats it…what else is there.

    I hope dude make it

    Big Sean if you reading this…step your internet game up EVERYDAY up to the release of your album…. Look at cory guns and mickey…they killed viral media over the head in 08. Good music anit gone push you …..thats obvious…You gotto push you over the top!!!!!! homie.

    a fan.

  2. soladyatvienna says:

    I wanna have the “Oh Shit!” moment too! ;)

  3. I just realized “blah” just found the post . I’ll say what I’m gonna say anyway.

    Ain’t nothin’ wrong with taking your time fam. Big Sean has videos and everything waiting to be released it’s just a matter of timing in my opinion…he’ll be just fine. no sense in jumping the gun .. i mean the nigga’s in the Stu w/ Jay while he’s making Blueprint 3 .. doing other shit it’s not like he’s sitting at home while Ye and the camp do their thing…he’s playing it smart..respect that.

  4. i worked at that same telemarketing job he was talking bout. it was hella whack. i got fired the first 2 weeks upon being hired lol

  5. says:

    To Erik Flowchild-

    I read dudes point, and i someone agree with what he said. After i really took in to consideration. A person looking on the outside. A fan.

    You should know that Videos dont me nothing. Look at MTV?? they are no longer relevent to the game anymore. nobody needs them. It may increase awarness, but a video is just the start. Mickey FactZ is not just dropping videos. He has dropped a video w Cool kids. thats it..everything else has been pure viral everyday life marketing… He has a mixture of viral media campaigns. You gotta peep the whole process. And you said he in the studio w Jay. thats great again…people need to SEE that he is in the studio w JAy. …its all marketing at the end of the day… to increase the awareness and endorsements dude is getting…. No one is jumping the gun…we are just reveiwing 06,07, 08 and we all will see the result in 2009! that is for sure.

  6. Beyoncé is your “Oh S%#T” moment.LOL She’s an incredible artist, I’d probably be like that too. Both Blah & Eric have great points; I see both sides. I think you should have been on the cover of the XXL’s 10 freshmen issue because you’re a hot upcoming emcee like the rest of them but, I understand everything works on God’s time; When it’s your time to shine you will. Continue to make that G.O.O.D. music, I look forward to working with you again in the future. Peace & god bless!

  7. thelexvision says:

    Yessir, let’s bring it back to the Midwest of the map

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