Lil Wayne “Red Rum”


Click Here to Listen and Download “Red Rum”


One Response to Lil Wayne “Red Rum”

  1. Lee Spence says:

    Shaun. I’m posting here ‘cus no one has yet, it’s fresh, like it’s wrapped in plastic. Just wanted to say that I’m onboard and have your blog now cemented into my favourites list. Plus, wanted you to chewck out a small video edit I made a while back now, but it featues the We Know track you did, I got it from the FF mixtape. It was a lil youtube promo video I put together for the launch of my clothing brand. Only a real short sort of snippet but the part of the song I chose meant a lot, the lyrics related a lot to what I was trying to achieve and what I was going through when trying to start the business. You can see it on my blog at under the “c-3months” post or the direct youtube link iiisssss…
    Okay I’m done, take a look when you can. Thanks for making good music and IO’ll keep an eye out for the albums! Take it easy. Oh and peep channel-3 clothing, maybe called “channel-3 style” soon. Working on it. 09 is the year. Going global soooooooon.

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