Society Spring/Summer 09 Look Book










11 Responses to Society Spring/Summer 09 Look Book

  1. Ow There Are Some Legit Pieces I Fucks With It

  2. brendan boyd says:

    Much Luv to Big Sean and the Good Music Fam. It was great working w/ you. Also, keep us posted on the release of you mixtape & album…

  3. adubb finally famous says:


  4. $R$ says:

    New to tha blog! Keep ya head up sean,you’ll pull together. Don’t know about society but I dig it where can I get some pieces from in CALI???

  5. 1 i Will E says:

    I got a thing for Red so that Jacket caught my eye, then the “Stop Fucking Around” joint

  6. This is fresh. It looks like the shoot went smoothly.

    J. Harlem

  7. Wahid says:

    SOCIETY will be at TRUE in Cali …check for the store lists

    Pics came out fresh!

  8. Kwame says:

    lol @ what it says on the inside of that jacket. :-D

  9. The Zim says:

    I had to post on my blog too.
    shit is hot…cant lie

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