Directed & Edited By: Tommie Green of WhiteWood Ent.

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13 Responses to “UKNOWBIGSEAN” PART 1-5

  1. Jay says:

    Thanks for posting this. Your story is so inspirational. Kanye is my favorite artist of all times, and you getting to be under his label is a dream. That would be my biggest dream. I can’t even fathom what you’re going through right now, because I love music and fashion with all my heart, and your getting to live your dreams out. You deserve it man, your music is sick, keep doing your thing. Can’t wait for FinallyFamous.

  2. jStyles says:

    Big Sean wats good man….def wanna say thx for puttin’ deez vid’s out there! I’m part of a duo rap-group wit my little brother aka Rill, we call ourselves the AntiDreamKillers…we’re one of the many chicago acts performing on the same stage as you @ Wildhare for the Inauguration event, def can’t wait to do that and hopefully meet ya fam…you’re right about the dream thing as far as finding and grabbing your dream to make it your own….alots of folks don’t understand that when you find your dream thats %80 of the mission, therefore achieving your dream is only %20 cause you love what you’re doing so much that you just can’t stop until your time is up…preciate the inspiration and stories…JStyles

  3. Mr.Londoner says:

    noice series..

    when you dropping the new mixtape?

  4. steve_fx says:

    Great idea of putting this on the net, more artists should do this. Living in Europe I rely mostly on the internet when it comes to discovering new hip hop artists/music. I’ve only heard ‘Getcha Some’ just recently, but can’t wait for your new shit. I’ll definitely be checking out the mixtape and the album. Peace

  5. JWorksUK says:

    Nice set of videos

  6. SCUBA STEVE says:

    I always like to hear stuff like this, I am as you already know an aspiring hip hop clothing designer and taking my Scuba Steve Shirts around the other day I had people laughing at me and I really got down on myself but videos like this makes you pick yourself up and keep trying and following your dream. Thank Big SEan.

    – Scuba Steve


  7. FlashG says:

    This shit is inspirational Sean…
    I was in the D for the NERD*Common Tour…
    Me an my niggaz flew in from Akron, Oh…
    Basically Cleveland…
    An when we was there i remember yo niggaz being in there an shit…
    An u was supposed to be there or what not…
    Long story short.
    I end up rockin shit with Pharrell on stage an shit
    After everybody get of the fuckin off stage…
    I had a demo in my pocket of my shit….I end up givin him the damn demo or what not….With my number, an info an shit…
    That next wk….Some of his ppl hit me back an shit….
    Supposed to be a meeting soon or what not….
    But jst like you said….Dreams can come true.
    U just gotta work for that shit an go hard…
    Im glad u shared ya story my nigga…
    Inspirational as fuck…
    Hope to hear that mixtape soon….
    My shit hosted by Mick Boogie too…
    So….GOoD Shit.
    See you soon an maybe do some shit in the near future with you….
    God bless my nigga.

    Flash Feat. Kid Cudi – Catch Up

  8. 1 i Will E says:

    Damn… I’m trying to be behind you niggas Flash and Sean!! No homo Pause… Like I had a dream I signed with Star Trak… Most of my dreams come true… Some what of a Deja Vu… Anyway I’m looking out for the two of you and that story was truly inspirational especially since I’m 19… Trynna live a Niggas Pipe dream… That sound familiar Sean?? SCUBA keep pushing them shirts too fuck the non-believers

  9. SCUBA STEVE says:

    Thanks Will I appreciate that.

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