Big Sean ft. Mike Posner “Who Knows”


Click Here to Listen and Download “Who Knows”



16 Responses to Big Sean ft. Mike Posner “Who Knows”

  1. J_Roc says:

    Feelin’ It Big Sean! You and Cudi are the future. Good to hear a release date on the mixtape. Finally Famous!!

  2. Mr. Fux Wit It says:

    YES… shit is hot, cant wait for the mixtape

  3. […] Than Me,” was a lot better IMO, but this one is still really dope. I got the song from Big Sean’s blog, but shoutout to Cliff for having a DivShare link that I can snatch from him. As usual, click the […]

  4. That’s on some real shit.

  5. Arrogant says:

    Been a Fan since before the first mixtape and thats some real ish like erik said.

    glad the date has been set… i been wantin more music since the first mixtape. not too many good artist out.. kid cudi u kanye, keep holdin it down…

  6. FlashG says:

    Been waitin on this shit….
    Since it has been a little min for you changin dates an ish…
    I know this mixtape is gone be one of the best in 09’…
    Keep doing ya thing Sean….


  7. Trey says:

    absolutely killed it, major props on this… hopefully the album captures this side of realness

  8. Sean E. says:

    Wassup im really feelin yah music on the myspace page keep doing what your doing ………. id appreciate if ud check out my music page on the myspace

  9. Big Sean says:

    this shit linkz mah

    28th thank u god dammit

  10. 1 i Will E says:

    Yo Sean as a fan this damn mixtape better drop on the 28th son… Been bangin Finally Famous hard, time to go harder… PAUSE no homo

  11. A.Coney says:

    I’m feelin it. You & Mike Posner do some tight shit. Keep killin em. Brains up & TGIFF!

  12. Terry says:

    wooooo, shits crazy dude. first song of 08 i can vibe to; can’t wait for the mixtape! thanks bruh.
    God Bless

  13. Terry says:

    ^^ meant 09 (fuckin time warp)

  14. Bericcus says:

    Today is the Day……. Yessir

  15. Deandre says:

    Where is the mixtape at? where can i d/l it or did it get pushed bak again?

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