This nigga Biggie was so fuckin ahead of his time. You can put a Biggie verse from 95’ and match it up to a verse from 09’ (anybody’s)  and that shit would still match up.  Dude was a fashion icon, way ahead of his time. From the jesus pieces, to the clothes, etc. This nigga Big rockin Bape in 96! That’s what im talking about, dude was just ahead of his time. BIG IS THE BEST!




12 Responses to B.I.G.

  1. dASius CLaY says:

    Biggie was truly an amazing artist… I dont think I have ever heard something from him I thought was whack…

  2. SCUBA STEVE says:

    Biggie is the man! Check out Scuba Steve featured beow


  3. youngscrew says:

    where do i get scuba steve in houston and big is the man sad jay z wasnt in the moive

  4. I didn’t even kno Bape was out until 2004 lolz

  5. Pat Pi*FF* says:

    this shit is incredible BIG in the bape in 96 and the Biggest BiG since the notorious 1 (SEAN) in the 09 bape first time I eva seen BAPE shit was some cassidy video wayyyy back in the day I got some online the next week its crazy me and my niggah( UKNOWBIGSEAN) use to drool ova bape shit now…. “Bape shit got it …BBC got it …. Pastel got it before he evn dropped it” yo niggahs went from trying to find these shits on ebay when they first got pop to Posing fa the hoes in the Catalouge!!!! FINALLY FAMOUS

  6. hmm says:

    I dnt think its real.. but its still Big thouugh

  7. Ryan Hutch says:

    This pic is mos def real.. its in Nigo’s Bape book.
    BIG is the illest tho. Nuff said

  8. Trey says:

    damn that bape shits crazy, good lookin on puttin that shit up

  9. SCUBA STEVE says:

    Hey YoungScrew, my shirts are only available right now in select shops in MS but I am working my way to Houston. You can purchase my shirts on my website ShopScubaSteve.com Thank you so much for your interest!! Please help spread the word.


  10. carlon says:

    Yo aloooooot of niggas don’t even know bape BEEN out since ’93. Go do your research.

  11. riqzilla says:

    I once read somewhere that the BAPE jacket Biggie’s rockin was actually the photographer’s and he asked to wear it coz he thought it had that BK flavor because of the camoflauge colorway

  12. Jason Maggio says:

    There is a funny story to that photo. Shaun Mortenson took it. Shaun’s friend was rocking the jacket at the shoot and just trying to add some flavor and color to the portrait in a very rushed fashion Shaun draped the jacket over Biggie. If you look you can see the jacket is way, way too small for him. Another interesting note about this photo is that it was the last professional photo of him before he was murdered.

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