In The Studio

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Shout out my nigga Aaron Reid for holdin me down! He came thru the stu in Alanta while me and WrighTrax were doing some last minute touches for the album. sounds G.O.O.D.

7 Responses to In The Studio

  1. Shit is illi .. .

    What else did you do in the A?? Any features?? lol.

  2. ness says:

    dope shit…..if u like upcoming artist check out or

  3. SCUBA STEVE says:



  4. Guermo says:

    Dope style…. get at me I want to send you some product.

  5. Bericcus says:

    ha ah ah… I know what some that is… lol but yea thats good shit niggas hangin out wit that nigga Aaron Reid..and here I thought I was gone see LA.. thats whats up… its Bericcus

  6. Juu-Wii 008 says:

    Man im tryna get inda studio w. u & A.R .. yall the only dudes in my age group dat inspire me dog. Keep doin it my dude.. by the Grace of God i’ll be workin wit yal 1day soon

  7. mrs. solo dolo says:

    aaron…uhh last time i paid any attention to him was on that mtv shit..his b day party. lets jus say it left a bad taste in my mouth…
    but u, damn studio beast. now thats a G.O.O.D. look =]

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