Grindin in ATL


5 Responses to Grindin in ATL

  1. We all know you’ve been working hard. You look tired in this video but, I know that comes from grinding. Keep up the good work good sir. You are opening alot of doors for us here in Detroit. God bless you sean & have fun in L.A.

  2. jplayz says:

    wheres the mixtape?!!

  3. BIG SEAN!
    Cant wait for that mixtape fam. I still got the Vol 1 bangin in the Chevy. Keep that hustle on tho. Mos def a inspiration for me to do tha same. *out*

  4. Keenan says:

    Ahh! Wasn’t the mixtape out in november? haha, shit, it sounds worth the wait but man i’m impatient, put it out soon for real

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