Drake “So Far Gone” Mixtape


Click Here To Download So Far Gone Mixtape


5 Responses to Drake “So Far Gone” Mixtape

  1. AL . says:

    When is YOURS coming ?
    That’s what we been anticipating !

    Forthemirth.blogspot.com …..
    We were via’d on the Clipse’s(reupgangrecords.net) blog.

  2. adubb finally famous says:

    this shit cold

  3. stuffkanyewestlikes says:

    As far as up and coming rappers go with flow, punchlines, ill lyrics, and image drake is your only peer. This mixtape isn’t as good as comback season, I know Final Famous Vol. 2 is going be better than this he slacked up


  4. DradieDaDon says:

    He’s One Of The Few People That Are Gonna Be Competition To You.

  5. Karma says:

    YOUR slippin.. brown nosing cause ya’ll on sean blog..
    this shit is crack.. i’m a big sean fan from toronto.. not meaning i’m being bias..
    I been putting niggas up on sean since finally famous dropped..
    but this drake dude is on to something with this shit.. on some real music shit hes been pushin the envelope.. comeback season was hard but hes been singing for a while now.. theres tracks on comeback season and unreleased shit post-Room For Improvement.
    which was before both the Carter 3 and 808s & Heartbreak’s
    “auto-tune singing stage” (that hurt to say, I love kanye PAUSE; I got the album it go hard).

    This dude is really talented.. its a great collection.. if u can’t see it than give up. its really good music (no pun intended)

    xxl FUCKED up not puttin the both of you in the freshman list but whatever.. best kept secrets; THE NIGGAS THAT KNOW, KNOW

    you know what’d be really dope though.. Sean, Drake, Kanye, and Pharrell.. watch this…………… ON A NEPTUNES BEAT

    “& I’m expected to blow; Lindasy”

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