In The Studio With Pharrell: Part 2

8 Responses to In The Studio With Pharrell: Part 2

  1. This so inspiring! I look forward to collabing again Big sean. You’re really holding Detroit down. I was at that N.E.R.D. show that night & it was bananas. We were yelling “Big sean” way before he said it & people were looking at us all funny. The world will soon know your name though. Keep grinding & god bless!

  2. SCUBA STEVE says:

    That’s the most anticipated track. I can’t wait to hear it. Overall this album is going to be amazing but I am so excited to hear the Donald Trump Track. Very excited! Big Sean/Pharrell are huge inspirations. Thank yall for being yall.


  3. Taylor says:

    Ugh. I can’t stand Charles Hamilton.

  4. CuonG says:

    Cant wait for the album…..if u got pharrell excited about u, what more do u need….1

  5. darris robins says:

    man i see u with my dude but yea man check out this beat bruh
    i commentd on some other posts but man u gotta give me a shot bruh this aIN’T FUCKING SPAM bruh real shit

  6. Matic Touch says:

    This sounds amazing so far.. I am so jealous cause I don’t know what it’s like to be in the studio with the fuckin’ Neptunes. I swear that’s like my main goal, one of the reasons I started doing what I do.

    Def a good look tho homey, soon as that door is open, kick that bitch dowwwnn..

    finally famous niggas. bitches.


  7. Man 2 anybody who likes Big Sean.. I promise if u ever meet him all music is like 10 times better n person.. the kid is dope… he is 1 of the few rappers who really lives and believes what he says.. lol Charles Hamilton is himself… lol he is dope you a see.. tha 21 and under club in rap is crazy… Asher roth Charles hamilton big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, jay Rock, kid Cudi, bericcus ricks.. aww man that kids sick… but yea check out Big Sean FF

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