New XBox 360 “Slim” Concept



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  1. JOSE LUIS says:


  2. Pablo Dutra Campos (of Brazil) says:

    This video game is false!!!!Microsoft has not announced, by the love of God, where as it appeared that video game? It’s impossible!

  3. Réggie says:

    so trash…but fake…thank god!!!

  4. Joseph says:

    Read this microsoft!
    1. Internal Blu-ray
    2. Slick Slim Design (Black/Green, Black/Red, Black/Blue, White/Green, White/Red White/Blue
    3. Comes with Project Natal
    4. Don’t go free for online service, keep it up but ffs bring it cheaper..

  5. Me says:

    Sony will never allow Blu-Ray inside Xbox. They simply wont sell the license. Xbox is done. They wont manage to keep up with this crappy 6.8gb dvd drive – they cant keep up already ( FF13, LP2 ), and this will get worse with time. And Natal turned out to be fail ( lags, practically 0 precision ), so – sink xbox, sink and rest in pieces. It’s time for PS3 and new console from MS, but this time let it be a console that actually meet the standards ( has something better than dvd, and WIFI for fuck’s sake… )

  6. yaya says:

    @me (comment above)

    i guess you can tell when its a ps3 fanboy.. they are always posting biased personal opinions on things they feel they are threatened by or jealous of

    and btw blueray isnt owned by sony you idiot lol

    ‘they cant keep up alredy’ .. weird cuz didnt FF13 get a higher overall average LOL

    sorry ps3 but ur loosing and project natal kills ur ps3 dildo wand

  7. matt says:

    …ps3/ps2 is a good system…just does not have the upper hand in gaming….so what u have better features (in the ps3…) then the 360 the features are practically useless if u r dont have anything to use them with…..360 has better games…therefor it’s still selling even after 5 years of so many problems with the 360….like heating and RROD….and all that b.s ….not to mention …not wifi….and paid online service…..even after these major drawbacks why is the xbox 360 is still ahead of the race….best selling console this month and lets face it…..soo tell me again why ps3 or wii (both of whome are about to get slammed by the project natal and the newer 360 which is rumored to be slimmer….)….so pls don’t tell me i am a fanboy of anything….caus i own a 360 and wii…..not ps3…but i have played game over my friends house very often on ps3….

  8. PAT says:

    Ps3 sucks come on ps3 yes has a lot more then the 360 but look at the 360 the 360 has what a game console needs. great online and good games ps3 lags that need.

  9. Zodeaq says:

    Hate to tell you all this, I have three ps3’s and only two xb360’s and two wii’s you know why cause Ps3 kicks ass, the only thing xbox online is good for is Netflix the rest just suck, I mean you have to pay for gold on top of paying for the net, psn no pay it’s completely free, bring it home hook it up and bam start playing online instantly plus playstation doesn’t keep your credit card info on file you have to input it everytime very nice security feature where as xbox anyone can hack your account download shit and you would never know it, till it’s too late, Ps3 gone and xbox rules, Please get real Ps3 has alot better games, Metal Gear solid 4, up until recently the final fantasy series, xbox had to cry and whine about that the babies, Ps3’s HDMI graphics are alot better too, playing just a simple game like wheel of fortune looks alot better than Mass Effect 2 you put that on hdmi and it’s grainy and hard to see. Poor Microsoft something else they haven’t figured out how to do yet, not to mention I have had to send in my xboxs 4 times because of red rings, and over heating poor customer service, PS3 not a problem in all the years I have had it, (since release Day) not one problem.

  10. Demon Of Gaming says:

    All you “fanboys” shut up! Wii: Fun gaming console for the younger people 3-8 and it’s fun when intoxicated with alcohol. PS3: More of a entertainment system not gaming system (BBC iPlayer Blu Ray Player ect…) and is the main platform for my favourite game series (Metal Gear). XB360: Massive online,facebook,twitter,MW2 timed exclusives,more games. Xbox 360 NXE dashboard is better & easier than the PS3’s XMB (XcrossMediaBar) and my second favourite game series is exclusive to Xbox (Gears of War) and i also like Halo. If you’re wondering: XBLGT: Demon Of Gaming. PSN: DemonOfGaming. And about the memberships is Xbox is better £1 for month c’mon if ‘ya cant afford that then why do you have a console when you cant afford games. Favourite Console: Xbox 360. -DoG

  11. Fred says:

    Ya ps3 fags need to stfu. Stop posting your opinions and post the facts. Even with paid memberships to play only the 360 is way ahead of the ps3 in terms of sales. Whats more funny is blueray won the format war 3 years or so ago and you still cant get shit for movies on blueray and DVD is still beating blueray. The wii is more competition to the 360 then you ps3. I have replaced 4 consoles to RROD and will continue to do so instead of buying a ps3, why? because ps3 has shit for online play and the games are far and few between. The latest gta ive playd on both my 360 and a buddies ps3 and sorry to say but it plays like shit on a ps3. And with the new kinect the wii has some competition. So all of you mental midget pony flogging ps3 queers go eat a dick.

  12. Dobobchob says:

    Everybody knows that the slimmed Atari 2600 will rule all. Good night and good luck.

    BTW… PS3 is the SUXXORZ!

  13. Mayor McTurd says:

    “Zodeaq” killer – you are a f*cking tool. what kind of job do you hold that pays you enough for 3 ps3s, 2 360s, and 2 wiis (cough*queer), but still doesn’t care that your spelling/grammar sounds like you just graduated from the trailer park? metal gear exclusive? not anymore… final fantasy until recently? yeah, because it went to the xbox… put your dumbshit opinion aside and look at facts. these companies are putting their games on 360 now because the ps3 is a whore to code for, online SUCKS for it, and the 360 install base is larger.

    and for anybody calling them next-gen consoles, you’re f*cking retarded. they all stopped being next-gen when they became the CURRENT generation. there is so much fail in this page of comments that i’m now ashamed to call myself an american.

  14. Fred says:


  15. Fred says:

    The question to Zodeaq is if the 360 sucks so bad why do you have 2? and why would you need 3 wii’s and 3 ps3’s. I CALL BULLSHIT! BTW Just got me the new 360 console and I must say OMFG! this is what the 360 should have been from its launch. This thing is amazing and guess what fellas? THE GPU AND CPU ARE ON THE SAME DYE! No more rrod’s. And oh my fucking god does it look good sitting with the rest of my audio components.

  16. Dustin says:

    Fuck some ps3 my uncle bought one the graphics are shit!!!!! the very new xbox360 you know that one that came out 2 days ago fucks every console up except atari lol ATARI FTW

  17. EZFlash says:

    About time they cut down on that bulk.

  18. Matthew says:

    Wow…. You guys are total nerds… Not even in the loop. Only thinking their system is the best because of rumors and very very minor technological differences. Honestly, everyone here needs to grow up a little bit. But in my personal opinion I think the PS3 is almost the same as 360 except PS3 is a little bit better and I’ll tell you why.

    Playstation3 Advantages
    1. Blu-Ray Discs hold 25gb of info on a single layer.
    50gb on double layer. Compared to those 360 superDVD’s is alot more. The 360’s superDVD’s can only hold 9gb on a dual layer. Which means the PS3 can do more.(Including watch Blu-Ray movies.)

    2.PS3 has Wi-Fi, 360 does not.

    3.PS3 controllers never die or lose connection unless they need to recharge. 360 needs batteries and are constantly turning off.

    4. If you have an older PS3 you can play all Playstation games from any console( not including other country games.) On the 360 you can only play certain ones and sometimes you need to update to play older games.

    5.Last but not least the durability of the CD’s
    Playstation3 blu-ray discs cannot be scratched by dust,I have never to this day seen a PS3 disc that has a scratch on it. On the 360, you have the fear of scratches and also the scratch ring around an area of the disc eventually making it unplayable.

    Xbox360 Advantages
    1.Easily detachable harddrive
    2.Memory card slots
    3.A bigger cache of next gen games
    4.Controller feels more comfortable
    5.Better Home screen
    6. Still allows all their original xbox games on their new systems.(newer PS3’s took out PS2 compatability.)
    These are all true… I don’t know why people don’t see this.

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