Lamborghini Countachin on Water


Built By:  Mike Ryan of Sea Roader


7 Responses to Lamborghini Countachin on Water

  1. Kirielson says:

    Now that is awesome. :D

  2. adubb finally famous says:

    man that shit a dickhead

  3. adeff says:

    hot hot hot….

  4. Dabney says:

    I dont get it. Is that thing a boat?

  5. Frankenswag says:

    That’s like Double “O” Seven ish!! Nice Post!!

  6. Al says:

    Waste of fuck money and time. Its creative though.

  7. jenni™ iKNOWBIGSEAN says:

    i think this is the sickest thing i seen since the flu!!

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