Kanye Louis Vuitton Sneaker Prices



Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Don’s” – $870


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Don’s” – $870


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Don’s” – $870


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Don’s” – $870


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Don’s” – $960


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Jasper’s” – $990


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Jasper’s” – $990


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Jasper’s” – $1140


Kanye West Louis Vuitton “Mr. Hudson’s” – $840


14 Responses to Kanye Louis Vuitton Sneaker Prices

  1. Frankenswag says:

    Wow!! Big Ticket Kicks!! As it should be, and when I get my Money Right, I’m copping da white lows!!! These are the Dopest Kicks out!! BTW Biggity Sean, say hi to Ye for me.

  2. Wolverine says:

    they cost alot.
    as a blue collar worker, the price is discouraging.

  3. For a fly jap kid i gotta have these. But for a fly jap teen kid these are way too expensive for me.More expensive than my raf simons


    flying above tokyo…

  4. Taylor says:

    too much

  5. adubb finally famous says:

    he named his shits after his boys. thats dope as hell.

  6. SneakFreakz says:

    Wow… Such an elegant sneakers…

  7. Taylor H says:

    Kicks are liveeee, those hudson’s are so fresh

  8. RC says:

    WAT DA HELL IS DIS $900 for some sneaks WTF! ! ! we’re in a time of recession and he tryin to sell sneaks that look like ones you can find in PAYLESS or on the street, unless they come wit a $800 mail in rebate and a bulletproof vest to protect you from people trying to steal them from you, i aint wastin my money on these.

  9. mtd88 says:

    I’m a major Ye fan but I WILL NOT pay a more than hefty price for a sneaker!!! Supra is the way to go!!!

  10. LATISHA LITTLE says:

    I’m in the process of looking for the Kanye West Louis Vuitton jump shoes in black i’ve call ed several stores unable to locate this item can you assist wtih this I need a size 101/2

  11. kuwaitmoney says:

    yoo yoo .. these are the sickest shoes ! get the f outta here if u aint down with these LVs and im gettin them ! i dnt care how much they cost

  12. Shaunnn says:

    i have the all black leather nd suede Don’s , best pair of sneakers i ever bought

  13. CU3BALL says:

    damn now i know what want for christmas but i wont be getting anything else for awhile, but ill be just fine cuz ill have to dopest shoes around

  14. CU3BALL says:

    Oh and btw the black Jaspers are SICKKKK!!!

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