So after the Fader mag/Levi event we went to Perez Hilton party and it was fucking banging! Me Cudi, Ye, Amber, Don C, Plain Pat, Gumbo (my road manager), Bently, Doe, all went. So we at the party and after my brotha Cudi performed a super impromtu “Day n Nite”. Ye SHUT THE SHIT DOWN. He performed a whole bunch of shit. THEN “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” came on and Kanye looked back at us on  the side of the stage and said, “let me get yall chains real quick.” Incase u didn’t know everybody on GOOD music has a Jesus piece. He took em all, put them around his neck and started killing that shit! Amazing!!! When he was giving them back to us at the performance we couldn’t tell which one was which, lol….


2 Responses to AMEN!!!

  1. Taylor says:


    I wish I went

  2. Bericcus says:

    6 chains on nigga I be on that WOW shit jesus piece 2 (bitch) add a hunned thousand.. lol

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