Exclusive Burn Rubber G-Shock


9 Responses to Exclusive Burn Rubber G-Shock

  1. 1_I_Will_E says:

    This shit is pretty nice… I always wondered what that logo was you were wearing everywhere… They make nice things well at least the stuff I seen you rock… Are in a partnership with them or do they just give you stiff to wear?

  2. D.Patt says:

    that shit is dope

  3. Gully Goon says:

    My dudes at Burn Rubber gettin it in. Ro I see u!!!

  4. A.Coney says:

    That’s kinda hot. BR on the grind. Props

  5. ashley b. says:

    damn that’s fuckin ham =]

  6. jlz says:

    The shit decent. I fukks wit it. Ain’t none of this shit telln me how to order sum of the shit or where to buy the shit. Stacks n crakk on deck.

  7. jenni™ iKNOWBIGSEAN says:

    dopeness! imitewearblack4ayearsrt8!!

  8. Shanel says:

    To answer question its a boutique in Detroit…good luck finding any of it online :-(

  9. nice} says:

    Click Here to Buy Now

    Loved it amazing product…

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