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8 Responses to BIG SEAN “ROLLIN”

  1. HisFreshness says:

    Finally, Cant wait till tomorrow

  2. Tayo Sona says:

    i’m soooo excited for this mixtape! i’ve waited for so long! this song is so fresh!

  3. Pusha B says:

    I’m excited about the mixtape homie! Supa Dupa is my favorite song. Keep up the work. I’m ready to see what’s on it. Let’s Get It!

  4. Kickz says:

    Bout Time Dude I Been Waiting For This Forever Cause Right Now I Been Bumping Rolling In The Dough Like Crazy

  5. ChiGo24 says:

    Bout Time Fam! Don’t jerk us this time neither. I’mma be waiting on that shit at midnight. Untuck the hotness.

  6. TheRooseveltSocialClub says:

    yo this shit is dope sean. Just curious though are you talking bout rolling as in poppin ex? or rollin as in getting it in?

  7. Troy says:

    this beat was from da rich boy mixtape

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