Clipse ft. Kanye West “Kinda Like A Big Deal”


Click Here to Listen and Download “Kinda Like A Big Deal”


8 Responses to Clipse ft. Kanye West “Kinda Like A Big Deal”

  1. DROOLIN says:

    Malice ripped it…all verses were awesome
    beat was sick too

  2. ZDavi says:

  3. like a mad scientist says:

    the mixtape was poppin definitely showed your ass a few times youknowbigsean, etc…. you wild out on okay too punchline after punchline after metaphor on some 16 hit combo shit lol lyrically you the illest on good until my band jump on might see you at SJU tomorrow front row yea i be on that pow ato shit too lol

  4. wwwlegend says:

    the download link has expired…

  5. ryan says:

    yo sean .. feeling the new mixtape man ..

  6. DFRESH says:

    Take this in….tell me if i should make a career outta it…im not gonna flood your shit cause im not like other peeps but…yeah..

    I wanna be on TV
    So you niggas can see me
    DOnt fight it no WWE
    MTV this a Real World Challenge
    DOnt kno if imma make it but ill manage
    And grow up to be a Canadian Dad no lie
    Have My Wife and Kids and be a Family Guy
    So i can be able to Dance with the Stars
    Hook up the Entourage
    Pimp my Ride myself, fix the car in the garage
    Cause my Home need to be Improved
    Ppl say a Scrub is what I should call you
    Or the BIggest Loser cause all you do is lose
    And According to Jim
    I should hit the gym
    Cause according to him Im as skinny as a pen
    And according to my lady Friends
    Me and my dick is equal to Two and a Half Men
    I’m in Jeopardy need a Wheel of Fortune
    Cause Everybody only Loves Raymond
    I wanna be featured on Larry King Live
    Before they do my CSI
    That mean before the day I die
    And until then i stay high, no lies
    Im lookin for Degrassi
    To penetrate Skin Deep
    Imma G to Gent
    Providin weekly Entertainment
    Got police in school tryna Arrest my Development
    Dont know whats next
    Seen a Nike commercial, juss tryna get cheques
    Word, Im the Futurama
    Turn on Lou Dobbs, he talkin bad bout Obama
    Flip to College Hill, if Im lookin for some drama
    From the Sun we the 3rd Rock
    Seen reruns of Drew Carey, yellin Cleveland ROCKS!
    I need a house in The HIlls
    Ask Regis, Im goin for mills
    Got problems, but no Dr.Phil
    And to them niggas on the FIrst 48
    Try to Prison Break, Without a trace
    So you aint on Spike in a deadly Police Chase
    Cause right now i got a Dirty Job
    Tryna Build a career but i aint Bob
    I Attack the meanin of Art
    So its me and rap, Till Debt do US Part
    I’m on the run from the Bounty Hunt
    Nah I’m playin, you’ve juss been Punk’d
    You wanna kno How I Met Your Mother
    Ask your Big Brother
    Easily got her Numb3rs
    It went somethin like 90210 cant member the others
    She said she already discovered Greys Anatomy
    And she wanted to be my dummy
    So i can test the Big Bang Theory
    SHe play secretary I played boss
    So we fucked at The Offus(Office)
    And had Private Practise
    Stargazin like she saw Atlantis
    Seen the DragonBall Zs
    Like Intervention she was about to O.D.
    Aint ER but i gave her 40 CCs of me
    Was Charmed cause i looked like i could be on The O.C.
    After 24 hours
    She was talkin bout how her Family Matters
    So i ended the Chronicles of Sarah Conner
    Terminated Her
    Dats light I have 20 other girls like Flavour
    THis Boy is Meetin the World
    And im MEATIN the Gilmore GIrls
    Cause imma Fresh Prince
    Brining Law and Order, to Special Victims
    Some say i got a sinical mmind
    Others say i got a Criminal MInd
    But like Saturday Night i think im Live
    I wanna Trek the Stars
    And see how it is to have Life on Mars
    Wanna get millions for these bars
    By far
    So i could be on Jimmel KImmel late nights
    Talk wit Dave Letterman bout how it is to spit on a mic
    Holla at Conan and Jay Leno
    And convince Dave to bring back Chappelle Show
    Anyways remember ME
    Cause imma be the King of the Hill, and the King of Queens
    Call me D. Fresh, or DT
    Or Tec-T-Z
    Or that kid that watches MAD TV….one word email…yea or no…dnt need to waste ur time…

  7. Daft Punk x Justice says:

    ^^ I ain’t read the whole thing but the t.v. metaphors was on point you should record that and make sure everything flows and it would a good start

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