Me & Mike Posner Rockin Duke With No Sound!!!


12 Responses to Me & Mike Posner Rockin Duke With No Sound!!!

  1. Wolverine says:

    for the crowd to continue the song despite having the sound cut…that was incredible.
    the sound people? not so much

  2. Weekend Lover says:

    That was crazy!

  3. Daft Punk x Justice says:

    that must feel good being an indie artist then again the fans are always “true fans” (hardcore) when your still coming up

  4. Talk about “crowd participation”! I love their energy! That’s how it’s suppose to be, regardless of if the artist is Major or Unsigned. If you like the music, support. Great performance!

  5. 10mile says:

    good shit
    that bitch slapped

  6. Noble Ahmed says:

    thats awesome, probably one of the best feelings anyone can have

  7. RaNdOm says:

    Wow… That’s ill.
    POW!!! Sock it to em’ Sean.

  8. DROOLIN says:

    that’s awesome.ur killin it already.

  9. Man thats amazing. That must feel great.
    Gully Goon

  10. THEODIS says:

    thats love

  11. A.Coney says:

    Big Sean & Mike Posner are a tight collab. How dope do you have to be for a crowd to finish your song …and with that much intensity! Mike Posner is the next to blow with or without a major label. Brains up & TGIFF!

  12. Tayo says:

    WOW wut a dope crowd… considering its a bunch of fraternity kids. Austin needs a show like this.

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