Local News Report w/ Danielle Wright


6 Responses to Local News Report w/ Danielle Wright

  1. MsBold83 says:

    You have to come to Charlotte, NC I have been telling everybody about “Big Sean” and how they should download the mixtape’s.. I went to this record store called “Manafest records in Charlotte” and as soon as I said your name the guy behind me was like “What you know about Big Sean? I guess since I’m a female I don’t know nothing about you (Ha) So I just smiled,” I was thinking “What you know about him.” (Ha). I hope you will try to come to the Queen city and perform my favorite songs Rollin, Come over, Say you will, Hollywood, Good Shit, Story to tell (Biggi instrumental), the list goes on and on.. Please try!

  2. Ron Lee says:

    Waitin for you in the Chi and on your album

  3. MsBold83 says:

    Ok! I just did my whole Myspace page Big Sean certified… I’m getting the word out there and the music.. WHOOOO HOOOO! Thank You and You Welcome LOL!

  4. amoore says:

    Thats a prime still of the video.

  5. BIG SEAN!!! I’m pretty sure I’m in love with you… if i never knew love before I know it now!! lol But really I think ur amazing as an artist and especially as a person and I don’t even kno u so I kno if i met u it would only get better.. I blog about you all the time I’m actually about to steal this video to blog about right now… u should def come out to Cincinnati this summer or if not Howard University in the fall you’d get sooo much love! i kno one day i will meet you so u jus be ready! LOL

    Brit Brat LaFlare
    “the blogger’s blogger”

  6. ryan says:

    damnit man you put me in a hard place … that is if your really coming to sacramento on friday .. cuz i was tryina wait for those yeezys on sat. but man …

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