9 Responses to THANK YOU!!!

  1. wsquar3d says:

    word up. yo, the mixtape is goooood. keep up.
    duder, check out my man Infered from Indianapolis. hit us up at my label’s blog at and we’ll hook up a collab.
    that’s the rough draft version of his single, “The Higher” off his mixtape for the summer. peace, and much love.

  2. God bless you brotha! You are doing such a phenomenal job of representing Detroit especially in a time such as this where our city is constantly being undermined in the media & what not. You don’t know how much It is a Joy to have someone that’s positive & innovative as yourself. Jason and I are forever thankful to you for our work together. You definitely aren’t Celine but, you are truly putting the D Much love to you,WrighTrax, & the rest of Finally Famous. Peace & Many blessings.

  3. MsBold83 says:

    Yes! I made my myspace page all big sean certified my whole music list is all Big Sean so if anyone comes to the site their like “Damn who is that?” I’m like “Big Sean so get up on it” Ha!

  4. YBlack says:

    You’re welcome. Man it feels good that you’re accually thankings us. That Mixtape was hot and you really brought me into Big Seans world it feels like I know Big Sean. Man I would love to give you a beat for free to rap on.

  5. NicholasNKLB says:

    Can’t wait for the Album to come out man! Big Sean Album and a Kid Cudi album. . . 2009 is the shit!

    oh and those snippets on the mixtape drive me crazy. . . i want the full song! cant wait to hear the finished Take Me Away!

  6. chase says:

    no thank you big sean for putting out such great music real quality!its one of the few collection of music of late i can listen from beginning to end and not get tired of it!and i cant wait till the album drops

  7. Ali says:

    hey man,
    maybe you’ll read this.. maybe you wont.. lol but i got much respect for what you put out.. i feel every word of your lyrics.. all that confidence and “finally famous” feel man, its really changed my life — i know ppl say that, but really.. its really come to personify me now where ppl know how i hold myself and its a big change from when i graduated high school in ’05.. so keep on doing what you do and go change another kid’s life.. big ups man..

    out.. Ali

  8. Daft Punk x Justice says:


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