Finally Famous: Bryce


Bryce is Finally Famous cause he went hard and made his own copies of my tape to pass out and put his friends on! thanks Bryce thats luv! i really need people to help spread the word and tell people to listen to my mixtape…it would mean the world to me! thanks!


17 Responses to Finally Famous: Bryce

  1. VersaOnABlueFlight says:

    That’s dope.. You got believers

  2. sam says:

    ay this is the same guy who did the Chester french Mixtape, Good shyt though

  3. Chase says:

    lol mannn…creeper status

  4. Deuce says:

    Mannn! This is that believer shit 4real!! Dope!

  5. T says:

    weird ass dude right there. creeping on mad fools i bet. always lurking in the shadows most likely. probably needs to hit up that sun real quick to be real.

  6. dabney says:

    Thats some cool ass shit man

  7. ArtboyTate says:

    why does he have to be a creep for supporting? i think its awesome what this guy did… i mean.. if people read the caption you will see that he passed them out.. gosh.. but ANYWAYS…that was a great idea



  9. cant fuck wit support, thats whats up…keep pressin & delivering Bryce, good job

  10. CapoSpud says:

    Street team at its finest

  11. Maaaan Bryce charged me $20 for that joint. lol…sike…thas whatupdoe.

  12. Slade says:

    Damn, that is the same kid who did the exact same thing for Chester French…. haha hella funny.

  13. As the resident dj for Chester French, i can attest that this is the same kid that plugged our mixtapes. He’s a talented awesome kid and is in no way, shape, form or fashion approaching creeper status…As a matter of fact he’s doing wat he needs to do that will prepare him a place in an industry that lacks people that do things like this. Keep up the good work lil bro!!!

  14. THEODIS says:

    LOVE thats all love right there

  15. HundyStacks says:

    LMAO.. you think HES REPPIN!!!?!?!?!?

    I sold 2300+ Mixtapes at 5 dollars a piece in a month

    Thats puttin the name out and stackin bills!

    Get AT ME!!!!!!!

  16. jenni™ iKNOWBIGSEAN says:

    damn yo can i get one kid??

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