11 Responses to U ARE FINALLY FAMOUS!!!

  1. YBlack says:

    I sent mine

  2. Polo Pat says:

    This is a coo contest mane. You should come to Orlando, I put my whole neighborhood on to that Desires Wants and Needs track. Anywayz I feel like I’m finally famous when it comes to ma’ kids. I think I do it better than most. Peace

  3. JEDI says:

    CHECK OUT MY MYSPACE FOR YOU RAPPERS IN NEED FOR BEATS OU THERE…http://www.myspace.com/jedichitown

  4. SCUBA STEVE says:


    Scuba Steve

  5. Frenchie says:

    OOoouuu OOouuuu me and Paige r gonna send something in too!! lol so look out for it lol

  6. 2-G says:

    sent…. I C U SEAN!!!

  7. Speero says:

    Sent mine!!

  8. Hi, good post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for posting. I’ll certainly be subscribing to your blog.

  9. Droolin says:

    i will do this

  10. jenni™ iKNOWBIGSEAN says:

    i cant wait to tell you why im finally famous !!!

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