Nice Kicks: 5 Minute w/Big Sean


If you haven’t heard of Detroit’s Big Sean, you will very soon. As as recent signee to Kanye’s GOOD Music label and the Island/Def Jam conglomerate, you know the kid is for real.

His single “Getcha Some” and his latest mixtape banger, UKNOWBIGSEAN, hosted by another “5 Minutes With” alum, DJ Mick Boogie, are already blowing up spots across the nation.

In between the promo tours and video shoots, we got a chance to catch up with the young emcee and talk about sneakers. Shouts to AZ and the Burn Rubber crew for all their support.

Click here to meet the one and only, Big Sean.

Click Here to Read Full Interview


4 Responses to Nice Kicks: 5 Minute w/Big Sean

  1. Ayo Was good Sean, Its You Boii Again

    Just wanted to Ask, Do you be having Blogs like conversations going on with people like me, where we could chat and ask question and all of that nature ?

    Just wondering, because you do say you could hit me on youtube, myspace,twitter and your website, But i neva see any thing being posted by you, as in like conversations (Open Convoz) Maybe YOur just a Buzy Dude, I UNderstand

  2. 2-G says:


  3. Kevin says:

    I agree about the pricing.
    Good shit is straight up expensive.

  4. Moonman24 says:

    I tried to get some but couldnt get em :-/ Raffling is harsh :-/
    The Yeezys are soooo Illlll!

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