TK Revolution Tees




3 Responses to TK Revolution Tees

  1. Chase says:

    I didnt know you fucked with TK

  2. Big Will says:

    Like Wow Seannnn.. I’m leaving to this comment for one reason which ill get to, but just wanted to say Im from Detroit too, so D town STAND UPPPPP!! haha… First of all, ur mixtape is sick, very impressed, did not think when I heard of you that you would deliver as hard as you did. Now my original message is for track #7 Desire Want and NEeds, WOW the song is f’n amazing, and im not just saying its a dope song, im saying like WOW the track is amazing, its such an athem, its PRO status.. Any1 who’s chasin their dreams can achieve, not just rappers… I got it on repeat so much.. I’m up at MSU and studying its killer.. but holla!!

    Shiiiiiiit this was so much longer than i thought… But credit well deserved.. and oh yeah i love GOOD Music. Tell kanye HI

  3. Polo Pat says:

    I think you and TK should collab on some designs. You got an ill apparel game- Polo Pat

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