Eminem ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent “Crack A Bottle” Video (Eminem’s Verse)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


7 Responses to Eminem ft. Dr. Dre & 50 Cent “Crack A Bottle” Video (Eminem’s Verse)

  1. This is the official version. But its just Em’s verse. They have not leaked the whole video yet though.

  2. MsBold83 says:

    Ok! I’m at work the other day and two of my male co-workers were talking about music and I just so happen to walk in on the conversation. When I walk in one of the guys was like who you listening to right now so I stopped and thought for a minute I was like “Big Sean and they started laughing and cracking jokes” saying who the hell is Big Sean? is he big or small? he must sing gospel rap, and does he even have 16 bars?” I’m thinking in my head “Stop all the bitchassness and if you guys were listening to some hot shit you would know about big sean and not asking a female who she listening to like me. ” (HA)!
    So then they were like “Yeah were going to check him out and if he’s wack you getting it and that website better work.” I’m thinking “No your computer better work and not shut down when that hot shit start playing. (Ha)!

    People always trying me!

  3. here is 50s verse from the video.

    I feel you ms. bold. hit me on twitter

  4. This Snip Is Crazy,
    Its Emz Part Only But its Serious….

    Very Well Put

  5. MsBold83 says:

    Check out Rihanna get’s Revenge on Chris Brown and beat’s his ass, David goes to the dentist, Roll Bot, and Bonquiqui on Youtube.

  6. MsBold83 says:

    And one more Scarlet takes a tumble on youtube

  7. I see that big sean put up what I put on here. real talk

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