1. Perajok says:

    we want “way out”!

  2. Lebronjoe says:

    My favorite song is rollin…
    I mean they all good just that one a lil’ bit better then the rest
    Keep it up Sean.! One love.

  3. Taylor says:

    I like:
    Getcha Some
    Desire, Want & Need
    Say You Will

  4. JT says:

    Hollywood and Paper Chaser are pretty dope…
    Still have the whole tape playin though.

  5. Daft Punk x Justice says:

    UKNOWBIGSEAN is ill that bridge in the instrumental were the beat changes is bananas along with SUPA DUPA and TOMORROW on these three you spaz lyrically

  6. RYAN HUTCH says:

    I keep bumpin “Love Story” with my homegirl Keely!
    But the whole tape grew on me over time Sean, good shit

  7. YBlack says:

    My favorite song is Rollin’
    THe other ones I like are:
    Million Dollars
    Desire, Want & Need
    Say You Will
    Who Knows.

  8. My #1 is Supa Dupa but, my other favorites are:

    Say you will
    Mr. Incredible
    Who Knows
    Desire,Want, & Need
    Getcha Some

    Concepts,Vocabulary,& Poetic Value to me, are the most intriguing aspects of an emcee. Love the mixtape Sean, keep it up!

  9. Lets See Right Now Supa Dupa, Desire,Want and Need , Uknowbigsean, Mr.Incredible and of Getcha Some :) … Love the Mixtape

  10. Polo Pat says:

    Desire Want & Need is dope. But “Million Dollars” is the most inspirational for real. “Thank god for that Mickey D’s One dollar double cheese are some nights I wouldn’t eat shit..lol 4 real.

  11. successful89 says:

    Its hard to choose a favorite!
    I like: Intro, Desire,Want,and Need, Rollin and CUM OVER!

  12. Kevin says:

    and supa dupa is ill, but i had been listening it to a long time before the mixtape came out.

  13. Tayo says:

    Tomorrow is gives me a screw face like I CANNOT LOSE.

  14. MsBold83 says:

    Say you will
    Love story
    Supa Dupa
    Cum over

  15. Lord Size says:

    In my opinion, key phrase being “my opinion”…. I don’t think you are being given beats that are on the same level that your lyrics are on. And that is meant to be a positive comment. I’m 32. I love Hip Hop, been in love since I knew what it was… and I think as time goes on and you work with different producers, you will see what I mean… there’s a beat out there, somewhere, and when you spit on it, you’re gonna get everyone’s attention… Keep it up! And when my design shit pops off, and we meet, I’m gonna mention this post… lol.

  16. Man how the hell is Hollywood, Rollin and Mr. Incredible not on this list??? Hollywood has to be a single release on ur album bro. Shit mad catchy and the verses on some LOL shit. Take it into consideration fam.

  17. Massimo says:

    My favorites, Love Story, Rollin, Take Me Away, Intro, Say You Will

  18. Gotta Be Billionaire..

    “They Know I Am a very BIG Copper like the Warden”..


  19. THEODIS says:

    i fucks wit hollywood

  20. tlarge says:

    whaddup BIG SEAN!! my fam MT said you really got it in @ corporate in cinci the other night. SUPA DUPA / Mr. Incredible/ Love Story / Desire – I see you went in on Rollin. I like what you did…i just wish my boy Jackie Chain got his props for that song…thats my dude..he just lost all points for the song once Cudi (who i’m a fan of) jumped on the record. We both rep Huntsville, AL. I got the boutique Kreativ.Sole down here.

    kreativsole . wordpress . com

  21. Love it all. Oooooooh Yeah…Big Sean We Here!

  22. wsquar3d says:

    1 intro, 2 desire want & need, 3 uknowbigsean, 4 millionaire. i do NOT dig “getcha some” “iraq” and especially “billionaire” (that shit’s obnoxious). oh and keely and mike posner have super obnoxious voices, ditch em. other than that, the mixtape is great yo!

  23. creamiesays says:

    “where is all the 0’s at? hit the club like where is all her clothes at? get a lil change you gon see how shit change you gon be up in the crib like where is all her clothes at? ask ya girlfriend she know its to say NO to a nigga thats BROKE but sumbody wit, DOUGH that got a lil, MOOOE..SHIIIT…IONO!!!!”………..WHO KNOWS!!!!

  24. Jabari Manwarring says:

    the fucking whole thing is hot
    its just this one very inspiring song who knows that has me

  25. Martin says:

    Heard Big Sean recently when on a trip to America. Bring on his music to New Zealand I say!

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