Finally Famous: Hannah Wyatt


Hey Big Sean!
My name is Hannah Wyatt
I’m 20, and I’m from Auburn Hills, Michigan
I’m finally famous, because I’m a songwriter/singer, and I’m following my dream. After I get my BA, I’m going to get my Masters in songwriting. Here I come!


One Response to Finally Famous: Hannah Wyatt

  1. big nostray says:

    ayy big sean wssup
    man i kinda feel ur lyrics becus im on the same pathh

    yall keep it underground imma face the china wall
    after parties celebrities wait lionel calls
    my problem is big man bigger than yours
    im in a different worlds conversate with dinosaurs
    when yall get down use these two words ,SHIT MAN
    my money so old i could fake the BIG BANG

    kinda like thatt

    man i wishh u all good luckk

    u tha hottestt out there!!!!
    greetz from belgium

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