Gucci Mane “Writing on the Wall” Mixtape


Click Here to Download “Writing on the Wall” Mixtape


14 Responses to Gucci Mane “Writing on the Wall” Mixtape

  1. Joshua Brody says:

    Sorry but I don’t like this guy’s flow.
    It’s too boring for me.

  2. Droolin says:

    gucci mane is a big no for me

  3. Taylor says:

    lmao gucci mane.

  4. jay3091 says:

    Yea… I just don’t get Gucci’s hype

  5. deontae says:

    lmao u gotta be from da hood to understand him people

  6. Joshua Brody says:

    Reply to deontae:
    It has nothing to do with “understanding” him (which doesn’t even make sense cause the man never talks about his past or anything like that and only talks about money and girls).
    It’s about not liking his flow.
    A.K.A., not liking the way he raps.
    It has NOTHING to do with what he raps about.

  7. Gully Goon says:

    What people have to realize about hip hop is whether we like it or not everybody isn’t gon make that thought provoking shit we love from Jay, Pac, Yeezy, and shit I’m startin to see even Sean. Wooooooooooo before anybody jumps on me I’m not comparing Sean to them I’m just sayin he got some shit that makes u think. Anyway I’ve heard alot worse than Gucci. U can’t label somebody garbage for rappin about what they like. Music is a “Do You” industry.

  8. Droolin says:

    @ Gully Goon

    nobody is objecting to the fact that it’s a do you industry.i think we have already realized that people aren’t gonna make thought provoking music and some people are.
    i just prefer the thought provoking stuff or stuff that speaks to me.Gucci Mane in this case is neither of the two to me.

  9. Tayo says:

    gucci is my shiiiiiiiit.

    AND i like passion pit.

  10. BrianF says:

    We fuck with gucci in the D

  11. MR Michael says:

    DiS SHiT iS COLD!!



  12. killa cam94 says:

    yall niggas dont kno nothin bout this trap music, just cause he aint commercial don’t mean he trash, it mean yall aint ready for gucci

  13. cuzz paper stackn 09 says:

    mayne gucci goes hard den a bitch on cuzz dis nigga flowz are sick/out dis sick trap music crip

  14. Thaduwlms says:

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