Jay-Z – Death Of Autotune


Click Here to Listen and Download “Death of Autotune”


9 Responses to Jay-Z – Death Of Autotune

  1. VersaOnABlueFlight says:

    I got the CDQ..


  2. DodgeThis says:

    YE’S sweater is the business

  3. DodgeThis says:

    On that Bun B-“Get Throwed” This my jam

  4. Delaina says:



  5. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    i LOVE it, shocked about some of the reviews. We need Blueprint 3 ASAP!!


  6. Kevin says:

    You beat Ye to it on the blog!
    This song is dopeeeeee!!!!!

  7. jonbowsir says:

    honestly on dont think the song is that great it sounds like an average song the ear play of this song is very short you probably wont be playin this next week

  8. Kanye says:

    Jay Killed this shit

  9. Dubbz says:

    Jay did what he felt was neccessary. Piggy backing on those who are talented already but using the craft is not whats up! Pain is drugs with it, Ye is drugs with it, Wayne does his thing with it and after that there really shouldnt be anyone else to touch on it too tough. Let’s not be lazy about this thing we call music yall….let’s put more time and thought into the products we’re presenting the public and lets put music as a whole where it needs to be. -Dubbz AnyahMonroe Coming Soon! Check her out on Gotti’s Way episode #3 currently playing on VH1.com. Support TrueHollyHoodStars.com too!

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