Big Sean ft. Kanye West “Glenwood” (Rough)


Click Here to Listen and Download “Glenwood (Rough)”


27 Responses to Big Sean ft. Kanye West “Glenwood” (Rough)

  1. Sona says:

    i love this!!!
    i can’t wait until the album

  2. mikec. says:

    too dope! whats up with the videos?

  3. youngscrew from h town says:

    man you went in and is that the getcha some video pic put that out

  4. Thank you Big Sean! Now all we need is that “Getcha Some” video. Be blessed!

  5. Im liking it :) …. You and Ye always have crazy punchlines ….

  6. hiphopalive says:

    Damnnnnnn……dats wat I was waitin for, y’all went off!!!!!

  7. jonbowsir says:

    When his videos coming out man I’m tired of waiting

  8. Josh East says:

    What up SEAN? I knew this had to be a rough version. I heard it on a couple blogs but not yours. I figured this would not be your new single you mentioned earlier. Definitely cant wait for the album broseph!

  9. daft punk x justice says:

    Honesty modesty was never in my policy Ye went off flow was stupid you type went in towards the end i wrap so good no need for the bandages yikes

  10. Taylor says:

    Hahaha, that beat is funny. Dope song.

  11. Brady Thrasher says:

    WOW…ive been waitin to hear this sean, when we hit din in the D a few months back u gave us a sample and i have been tryna remember what u said..i jus remember the louis v part..u keep gettin better n better man…keep it up!!!

  12. priceofpopularity says:


  13. Al says:

    Im feelin it Sean.

  14. dabney says:


  15. maaaaaaaaaaaan…i aint even gotta say it..ya’ll boyz already kno what a did to this track…craaaaaaaazy….imma leave it as that…..check me out

  16. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    Using The BathRoom in The Booth daaaaammmmmnnnnnn

  17. Kevin says:


  18. ohhh…you big tease, no homo. just drop the album!

  19. Tnns716 says:

    Yo Big Sean i just started to listen to you a few weeks ago and you be good! this is a good addition to ur songs

  20. spud says:

    finally some more new sean!
    keep spitting that fire!

  21. donovan says:

    i think its good it could be a little better but big sean and kanye r still sum of the coldest niggas in the game and yea big sean drop dat album man!!! lol i been waitin since forever

  22. Kanye says:

    Really this, I came up with on some silly shit.
    Look how good it is, that show you who you dealing with!

  23. josh says:

    they both went soooooooooooooooooo hard !!

  24. Quentho says:

    man I love that beat yall make me wana hop on it lol

  25. Annakiya says:

    love the song Big Sean And Kanye.. Keep doing ya thang..

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