11 Responses to THIS SOME CRAZY SHIT!!!

  1. adubbisfinallyfamous says:

    he stronga den a bitch!!! why he not in the olympics?

  2. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    Dayuuuuum!! I’m with dubb they need to put his crazy ass in the Olympics.

  3. jared says:

    his ass bout to get a deal..if he not alreadt doing hollywood stunts…they gon put him in acting classes and come out with a movie..WATCH

  4. […] spotted @ Big Sean’s blog […]

  5. adubbisfinallyfamous says:

    yea he illy wit it! he like a human spider man

  6. Sneakerman Vance says:

    Mannnnnnnnn this nigga neva gonna get caught by the police lol..!

  7. youngscrew from h town says:

    man he a beast

  8. ArtboytTate says:

    if y’all like this.. go check out the movie District B13 its full of Parkour Tricks like this. Staring David Belle i do believe. in fact i think i should pop that in right now. lol

  9. YBlack09 says:

    Thats some fye free running

  10. Khudd says:

    Check out a interview at khudd(dot)blogspot(dot)com

  11. Khudd says:

    A damien walters interview.

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