Finally Famous: Daniel Speer

speero ad2 copy

My name is Daniel Speer, I’m 20 years old from Dallas, TX and I go to the University of North Texas.

I’m finally famous because I run a recruiting organization for local students to get high paying sales jobs – to change their lives, that they can do ANYTHING if they put their mind to it. I also am about to launch a clothing line this summer called Kid Millionaire clothing – which focuses on the two different personalities of money – “Money can be controlled, or it can control you”. These two personalites are represented through my unique characters, Truth and Fable.

My clothing blog is!!! Look for updates on there when the clothing comes out!

BIG SEAN YOU’RE THE MAN. Can’t wait for the Finally Famous album bro – DO IT!


4 Responses to Finally Famous: Daniel Speer

  1. Kyle says:

    Keep it up man!!! I will follow your blog! You work hard and good things will happen.

  2. vince says:

    YOOOOOOO I GO to UNT too, this is wats up

  3. Speero says:

    :) thanks bro!!

  4. always showing love ..thats whats up

    hollywood floss

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