Finally Famous: Matt Fryer


Name: Matthew Fryer
Age: 21
Born: Windsor, ON
Current City: London, ON

Why I’m Finally Famous?
As you already know, I myself am a writer (with intentions of becoming a musician). I believe that I am Finally Famous because I’ve been writing since I was 14 (Grade 10 – going on 8 years) and have yet to stop or show the slightest sign of giving up. I began writing after my mom passed away as a method to fight the pain. With nothing but dedication on my side, I’ve now grown to be a “Kingpen of the inkpen.” This is not my cockiness, it’s confidence because I’m comfortable. I do it day-n-night and its never a chore. I receive nothing but support and positive feedback when it comes to my work and people are constantly wanting to read more. I have big dreams, but none of which are out of my grasp. More than ideas, I have a vision. I see an opportunity to I’m going to jump on it with hope and faith, determination and confidence, knowing this is not an illusion, but a depiction of my successful future as a writer. In the sound of my own or through the voice of another, my words are bound to blow up so please take cover! My website is currently in design ( and I’m soon to be publishing my own book of poetry along with booking studio time. I’m turning fantasies to facts as my dreams come true.

This is why I am Finally Famous.

You are a great inspiration to many and quite possibly one of the top artists to emerge in Hip-Hop in the last while. XXL needs to burn every copy of that Top 10 Freshmen mag and re-issue it featuring BIG SEAN! Yesssir!!! It would be an honour to be featured on your blog! I am pushing your tapes out all over, words to be heard – GOOD MUSIC… keep ’em comin!

Holla back,
Matt “2-G” Fryer


9 Responses to Finally Famous: Matt Fryer

  1. 2-G says:


  2. dabney says:

    Good work Matt

  3. ramen says:

    Never stop bro! You always have something new and FRESH.

  4. brett bates says:

    ya matty never let up u the future always on point iwth all your work

  5. gmoeny778 says:

    keep it comin’ brotha… holla back.

  6. Chady says:

    This is great fam – reachin the MASSES – your words are going to bring you everything you could possibly want in this world! All love!!!! Props to Big Sean for posting~

  7. Luke says:


    You going places kid…

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