Jay. K ft. Me “Paper Chaser” (Full Version)


Click Here to Listen and Download “Paper Chaser”

9 Responses to Jay. K ft. Me “Paper Chaser” (Full Version)

  1. T i o u Z says:

    Is it possible to post no dj version? Isnt it the same as on the mixtape?

  2. Michael says:

    Yo verse was hot, but sorry, this is the only song on the mixtape I skip. Dude is lame, his verse don’t even sound finished lol it’s ound like he ran outta time n just left it.

  3. daft punk x justice says:

    wack ill eat this nigga flow is off and rhymes is just garb

  4. Left Lane Dame says:

    Big Sean do ya thing My nigga. We fuckin wit you hard down here in Winston-Salem , NC. Believe dat.

  5. jumpman23 says:

    Dope song both of them go in. is jayk part of finaly famous?

  6. bzB. says:

    Does Jay. K have a myspace? The sampling is hott in this song and im tryna add it to my page.

  7. Josh East says:

    its longer mixtape was 3:19 this is 4:25

  8. jack phrost says:

    Big Sean u all ways do u on any Verse i c u brody… best believe im holdin’ u down on ur promo in so Cal holla at me! Great new artist in the GAME!!!

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