Fly.Union ft. Me “Poed Up”


Click Here to Listen and Download “Poed Up”


12 Responses to Fly.Union ft. Me “Poed Up”

  1. youngscrew from h town says:

    dope track

  2. Owww Beasley says:

    “Bunch a bitches steppin in lookin like sororities half white half black looking like minorities”

    see u @ SOB’S

  3. QueenKourtney313 says:

    its straight. cute hook lol :) like the beat. prolly one for the club huh?

  4. BayAreaBoy says:

    Your verse was nice….coo punchlines…. good work…its all about consistency …keep it up

  5. “Ass Like A Horse, So If I Pipe Her To The Head, She’ll Be Looking Like A Unicorn” Lol.


    god u killll

  7. MT says:

    Good work fellas! Keep grindin.

  8. Kyle Morgan says:

    Yo Big Sean. I Playing Ur mixtape UKNOWBIGSEAN On my Cpu Out loud. ANd normally My MOms Tells Me to Turn It Done. But This Time She Was Like ” WHO Is That?” and i was like “This Dude Big Sean He Signed To G.O.O.D Music”. SHe Was like ” I LIke HIm”. YO Big Sean My Moms is in her early 40’s. Man I Cant Wait 4 THe Album.

  9. GoodKids says:

    yo big sean big fan big big big i got a blog we the goodkids check us out you know umm i was wondering if i could use some of your beats? just hit me up with a response on my blog our email me at and let me know were i can grab dem beat yo nuf luv and keep doin wat yu doin like you said FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!

  10. BAPE KING says:


  11. dabney says:

    Killed dat verse

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