49 Responses to BIG SEAN “GETCHA SOME” VIDEO!!!

  1. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    Love it!!!

  2. wow . creeeeative.

  3. dope ass video!!! makes me wanna fly to japan or something crazy.

  4. This Is Wayy Different From The Original Version Before The Deal But I Think I Like It Better.

    The End Of The Third Verse Was Cooler.

    Overall The Video Was Cool.

  5. I’m so proud of you! I’m so happy the label finally released your video. It’s very creative and I love the part where you put on the hood and it turns into animation. That’s extremely righteous! Keep doing your thing buddy.

  6. Mouf Milly says:

    Good Looks. Skipped on me nasty – i’ll watch it again 2morrow when niggas stop bumpin it [||]

  7. t.c. says:

    this video sweet as hell
    it made me like the song again

  8. Mr.Londoner says:

    Dare i say worth the loooong wait..

    good ish.. hope we dont have to wait till next year for a new vid

  9. maserati mike says:

    the shots in the ayoama and shibuya bape store were on point…
    keep up the good work….

  10. Finally, Man love the vid and love how you always support your local shop Burn Rubber one of my boys went there and said it was ill. And were from Texas so that shows you that they have been doing big things if we know them down here. Anyway dope vid and it must feel good to Stunt on boys.

  11. Fuze the Mc says:

    Dope vid sean. you gunna be performing at Howard HC ?

  12. big Sean u already know what it is…ur fam down here in Huntsville, AL checking in….FF !!

  13. Flippa says:

    Gotta love it

  14. mcn says:

    dope follow me …..

  15. Ron Lee says:

    good … u gonna be real big

  16. J. McNeir says:

    RESPECT. That went hard.

  17. Jackson Spacely. says:

    Congrats on the success of the first video.
    Hype definitely hooked you up this time around bro.

    You hit so many spots up, it’s crazy.
    Was all of that one BWS?

    Dope fits throughout the video too.

  18. dabney says:


  19. LEKKY says:

    Big sean doing it big! Love the video. Can’t wait til the album drops
    Finally Famous! can’t wait til that drops man. Don’t ever ease up , keep going hard.

  20. atxswag says:

    Big Sean! One of the best vid’s i’ve seen in awhile. We love you down here in Austin. Hope to see you at sxsw next year!

  21. spud says:

    this video is dope sean! big ups my man. its refreshing how you flipped this style to make it new again! cant wait for more!

  22. QueenKourtney313 says:

    Fresh! Fresh like…

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  24. Anthony Terrelle says:

    Aye I like the video kinda got a good life/ day and night feel with your style on it! keep it up and put out another video so i wont be the only person in my city who knows u is sean Milwaukee by the way

  25. Daft Punk X Justice says:

    Nice but my opinion is biased lol I already know your a punchline/wordplay rapper nice flow, etc…. seems you have most of the basics down pat although your “ride or die” fans are going to love this video/song (fans that were with you since FF vol. 1) this song does not have the cross over/chart top chopper appeal you need to do big numbers in relation to a mainstream audience I’m talkin drake and cudi numbers………I feel like cudi got lucky with day n nite cause he’s not really a lyricist at all lol I’m waiting for both your albums I’ll vouch for you regardless just because you can rap but if cudi doesnt come with the lyrics then I might not be able to defend him in the future I would just say pick the best instrumentals work on your writing ability and do not be afraid to get help from others in regards to song crafting

  26. joose says:

    So dope. Looks like it was directed by SO-ME

  27. joose says:

    FUCK i want thet bape crewneck at 0:39 so fucking bad, cant find it anywhere

  28. weknowbigsean says:

    LOVE IT! check out

  29. eM. Jeezy says:

    Good shit dude. Reminds me of work by an artist named Parra.

  30. iSTATEdaSTATS2STUNT says:

    classic sheit. that was dope and exciting to see. Finally Famous!!

  31. Shak _J says:

    Best Video Of The Year Too Me


  32. ArtboytTate says:

    BIG SEAN, FINALLY FAMOUS, DETROIT, ITS GO TIME BOOYAH!!!!!! quite the wait but it was worth it.

  33. Kevin says:

    Dope video, Sean.
    But yeah this version is way different than the original. So much added at the end. I listened to FF v.1 for so long I never really listened to the full new version on the new mixtape.
    Props. I like it.

  34. Adeff says:

    Off the Wall, Passing the CLouds and into space….this video is outta this world

    do you Kno how long i’ve been waiting for this

  35. Yves Laroque says:

    Finally it came out. I saw a pic of you making this video a year ago on Don C blog. Shit came out fresh.

  36. Kyle Morgan says:

    i THink I might Go get me SOme

  37. Jabari Manwarring says:

    sean man u shouldn’t tease people for a 1yr &1/2 but i have to say the video was worth the wait dopeness. come on man release way out with mr.hudson and made with drake man your performance at sob’s look sick from what i saw on your kyte account crowd was feeling u

  38. Jabari Manwarring says:

    sean man u shouldn’t tease people for a 1yr &1/2 but i have to say the video was worth the wait dopeness. come on man release way out with mr.hudson and made with drake man your performance at sob’s look sick from what i saw on your kyte account crowd was feeling u man

  39. Jabari Manwarring says:

    sorry for the xtra one submit comments is fluking up



  41. M.E. LANVIN says:

    The Video is Dope Sean. Finally Famous spread the world

  42. DodgeThis says:

    DAAAMN! @ You are going the wrong way- You are on the wrong website with all that shit…

    Anyway love the video

  43. Vitto says:


  44. Aton says:

    Soo Dope. Will it be put on itunes?

  45. Tre.Brown says:

    Yooo dis nigga Big Sean Doin it..ha haaa
    yo hype williams had 2 have directed dis joint..
    ha haa…fukin sweet

    check ma blog

  46. Report2Detention says:

    Check out the official Big Sean Fansite.

  47. Mohamed says:

    Fresh! I like the video. To keep it real I don’t think its commercial enough for the masses to dig but I know your true fans are feelin you. I think you are really what the game needs. I keep waiting to hear you name in the big leagues but everything comes with time I guess.

    G.O.O.D Shit though…

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