Video of Me & Mike Posner’s SOBs Performance


6 Responses to Video of Me & Mike Posner’s SOBs Performance

  1. Jabari Manwarring says:

    that desire want needs freestyle was dope

  2. Dazzle says:

    OMG….I Loved every video! “Who Knows” was so deep, w/ that sentimental beat in the back and on top of that Mike’z beautiful voice and Big Seans lyrics…really touched me. I like the song in that melody!….Oh and by the way, I KNOW!!!

  3. Dazzle says:

    I really enjoyed the show…feelz like i was really there! And I definitely like the order of the videos! And the freestyle was tight! And very encouraging wordz Big Sean”)

  4. QueenKourtney313 says:

    Desire, Want and Need performance: yesssss :) gotta love the drums
    everybody can relate to it. that’s y we love it so damn much. “now I tell my dreams: hey, catch me if u can” :):) that performance alone, it should be way more comments than this

  5. Dezvon Meeks says:

    Freeestyle was nice on Desire, Want, and Need…glad to see somebody from my hometown doing it big.

  6. rossylive says:

    Yes, love the fresh vibe. I will see you at UofA on Halloween! Mike POSNER meets the wildcats! I’ll be opening for you. Keep doing your thing.
    Big Sean, bringing back real rap music.

    much love, ONE FOOT AT THE DOOR,


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