XV ft. Me “Life vs Livin”


Click Here to Listen and Download “Life vs Livin”


14 Responses to XV ft. Me “Life vs Livin”

  1. song is hot..keep doin ur thing son..check my pg out sometime

  2. Jabari Manwarring says:

    u ripped this shit the other guy was wack man u killed him on his own track he ain’t original can’t hate song still hot because of u and the beat

  3. Jasmiiinn says:

    {I love it…i already expected it to be dope XV & Big Sean~nuffsaid!loll}

  4. Knowledge says:

    “Last real nigga, ‘I Am Legend’…you need inspiration? shit drop in my session”

    keep it up my nig!

  5. sneakerhead305 says:

    Yo man, I’ve been trying to find something showing your upcoming shows. I’m down here in Miami wondering if u gon come thru. Help is appreciated…

  6. DOPEA says:

    i think they had enough hot 97

  7. derf says:

    damn gettin better everytime u spit. keep i t up son

  8. sheldon says:

    Xv is nice Nd Big sean is great
    great track


    p.s sean u needa hit up brooklyn wit a showw man

  9. QueenKourtney313 says:

    QueenKourtney313’s Seal Of Approval…

    I’ll definitely be bumpin this one more than once. lol. Who’s responsible for this beat? Like, seriously.

  10. Lord Size says:

    This shit is fire. Got it on thurs, rockin’ it in the club on Fri night… I cannot wait for your album to drop!

  11. Enrique The Great says:

    Big Ups to Big Sean
    “While you ride around and Escorts and Jettas, I’d rather have the Pilot Escort the Jetta”

  12. GoodKids says:

    yo that song is hot yo i just got this guys mxtape and honestly he is crazy good you and hi are the under rated artist right now i love cudi but you need to be getting some hype like him like you said in that say you will tarack ” i turn the raio on and do i hear sean no please do not gemik…..” like yo yall neeed to be getting some hype like drake kepping sending the fire racks.

  13. jenni™ iKNOWBIGSEAN says:


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