10 Responses to VOTE FOR MY VIDEO!!!

  1. B.Horton says:

    dammnn this is a hard one..Big Sean and Kid Cudi are my 2 favorite

  2. Joshua Brody says:

    Kid Cudi vs Big Sean? Not cool

  3. KevO says:

    They all excellent artist, but my vote goes to BIGSEAN! I fuck wit cudi, bt idk, Big Sean goes hard! Now if you wulda said Drake, Kid Cudi, and Big Sean…I wouldnt have an answer for ya haha!

  4. SENSEI #1 says:

    BIG SEAN AND KID KUDI WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU EXTRA EXTRA DOPE I CAN’T VOTE LOL (this is an message from france of the best asian stay alive) PEACE

  5. champion 09 says:

    i will like to vote for BIG SEAN, but KID CUDI two

  6. SYMS says:

    I got your back Sean

  7. Tazz says:

    dis wuz hard az fuq 4 me 2 decide cuz cudi i love hym buh seeeaaaaaaaan i effin love u 2 so i had 2 cum 2 a hard decision lol i voted 4 u!!!!!!!!!

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