Blueprint 3 Cover Art



5 Responses to Blueprint 3 Cover Art

  1. Enrique The Great says:

    Man this is extremely creative I like how its all white with red in the middle great concept.

  2. This shyt is sick!!.

  3. champion 09 says:

    can’t wait tell it comes out, JAY-Z is going to kill it

  4. Dwayne says:

    Damn……the line up is crazy for September. Jay-Z “the Blueprint 3” 9/11, Kid Cudi “Man On the Moon: End Of Day” 9/15, The Clipse “Till The Casket Drops” 9/??…….WTF the Heat is coming Fuck yea ima ride to some new Good Music…shit thank God. I swear im sittin here cleanin the Barretta and right names on bullets for the next group of Fucks wit a Stankey Legg…Doing the Jerk!!! FUCK where is Music goin……bring back the Lyrcist, PLEASE!!! Big Sean…whats the drop date for “Finally Famous” 5 Thousand……

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