Chalk Man





6 Responses to Chalk Man

  1. Joshua Brody says:

    Holy shit! lol. Thats crazy good!

  2. Jacques Michel says:

    This is tight as hell.. Hey man check out this kid: a 13 year old rapper ( he’s really good) that looks up to you.. listen to his remix of Jay-Z’s Encore .. If you commented and give him some tips it would mean everything to him.. he really looks up to you

  3. hiphopforum says:

    I was in South America recently and found an artist in a flea market who was doing this same type of art. It was a big portrait of jesus it was really tight. Shout out Sean!

  4. FreshDetroit says:

    Thats like super official art…….gotta give probs for all artist,———Fresh__________

  5. vivianne says:

    fabulous its cool and arttistic!!!! :-)

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