Austin, TX Come Meet ME!



14 Responses to Austin, TX Come Meet ME!

  1. Man this sucks, I have prior commitments I can’t miss on Sun. And then I already missed out in tickets for the show!! Man I’m soooo pissed right now, I got much love for Big Sean but I guess I will have to catch him next time he comes to Texas, this still sucks!!!

  2. joseph says:

    i know man i work that day i guess i might have to call in sick or something becuase i also did not get the tickets for the show.

  3. Dan Garcia says:

    Check out the Big Sean BAPE character I designed! Post it on the blog Big Sean! :)

  4. […] Austin, TX Come Meet ME! « Uknowbigsean Blog […]

  5. Ann says:

    I’ll be there! i can’t wait!!!!!

  6. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    Think I may come my friend it’s going to be a 9 hour drive :/ so we will see!

    -Scuba Steve

  7. Lebronjoe says:

    Man Ima skip work lol.. But what’s this show everyones talkin bout? Damn I wanna see Sean on stage

  8. T-Time says:

    I would love to come see your show and meet you… again :) but I already met you in STL, and I would have to drive a long way. Thx for the signed mixtape and the love. Keep doing it Big, Sean!

  9. you will love my music . (promise) ! Check me out .


  10. Desire says:

    Yes! This is awesome. I’m in Houston…. 3-4 hr drive. I guess Were takin a road trip SUNDAY MORNIN!!! wooooot!

  11. Alvin Cheung says:

    I came here specifically today to ask if you were going to come to ATX any time soon. I’ve been listening to your CDs for about a month straight now and have linked and p2p’ed and suggested them to <20 of my friends already. This is awesome!

    Keep movin' it.

  12. weknowbigsean says:

    Everyone going to this: The time has changed to 2:00-4:00!!! 30 minutes earlier

    See you there!

    -We Know

  13. weknowbigsean says:

    Here’s the updated flier:

    Finally Famous!

  14. Ammo says:

    Man can you come to California please!!!

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