Weekend Recap


12 Responses to Weekend Recap

  1. CheezyDoDo says:

    Another succesful weekened it seems,ON THE WAY TO THE MONEY !!!!

  2. Man you stay on the grind, best of luck with everything and much love and support!

  3. julian says:

    I think you should do more videos like this because niggas want to see how your life is and shit like dat NO homo lol but yea

  4. Dan Garcia says:


    Check out the Big Sean BAPE character I designed! Post it on the blog Big Sean! :)

  5. wsquar3d says:

    YO! listen good…the Rollin’ remix (with cudi) is BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL! trust me dog, i’m a fan. please use that remix cause shit is NUTS. it’s heavvy over here at IU. peace


  6. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    Gotta get you in the new Scuba Steve I showed dubb, jordan or jackson? I ain’t messin with these kids!

    -Scuba Steve


  7. That_Josh says:

    I told you we need that Way Out record with Mr. H. Rollin is another sick track for sure.

  8. hiphopalive says:

    Yea more videos like dis is a must….niggas wanna c how da story unfolds

  9. Dpatt says:

    good stuff bro let me know next time ur in the chi so i can come see you

  10. Adeff says:

    Stay on that grind…the world never stays awake for u!

  11. Sean says:

    keep doin ur thing homie, aye when u gonna be in miami

  12. julian burnett says:

    What clothing line is that he has on with the hat ? SOME BODY PLZ TELL ME

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