Gucci Mane ft. Plies “Wasted”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


5 Responses to Gucci Mane ft. Plies “Wasted”

  1. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    It’s weird how Jeezy buried Gucci a while back in 05′ maybe? But his underground appeal as of late has been Crazy! Plies is real as F, I like him.

    -Scuba Steve

  2. Alvin Cheung says:

    Hey Sean,

    This is the Asian kid from the Austin meetup. I hope you remember me, you gave me your address so I could send you a shirt from my clothing line. But I wrote it down kind of funny so I just wanted to confirm it. Can you send it to my email?


  3. cool says:

    why would you put up a video of two horrible rappers. They are the definition of bad.

  4. Joshua Brody says:

    The thing that makes me mad about this video is the whole rock star thing. I mean, seriously? Showing a guitarist shredding when theirs only a bass and string stabs going on? I hate people who make rock look dumb like this. I’m proud of All Time Low making fun of that whole hip-hop thing. Big Sean, I love ya, and I’m hoping you never do anything like this.

    PS: Gucci Mane might want to stay away from Shawty Lo. Shawty Lo’s career is completely destroyed because of T.I. remember? lol

  5. Desire says:

    I hate them both… I’ll put the lid over the trash for you.

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