Mike Posner “One Foot Out the Door” Mixtape


Im on Tracks 9 & 11…let me know what yall think!

Click Here To Download “One Foot Out The Door” Mixtape


16 Responses to Mike Posner “One Foot Out the Door” Mixtape

  1. shopscubastevedotcom says:

    This is Great + Carson Daly performance lastnight was cool.


  2. LOve the mixtape. Its good to see creativity is still left in the industry. Mike and Sean keep bringin the music!

  3. Jabari Manwarring says:

    speed of sound is my shit you some next level shit on this mixtape

  4. Tw1sT says:

    Bring Me Down is a big track.

  5. Lucas Sirera says:

    I was talking in Japan with Kanye about you, im actually from spain and i love your music, but i have to say that i think your raps are much better when youre in quick beats, so you can be more agile, therefore i like youre first mixtape the most.. and i miss the enfasithing you use to make.. like in a story to tell for example

  6. Twist says:

    Mixtape is mad kool Mike posner and you are really about to blow up. You guys need to start gettin radio play nationwide

  7. This Mixtape is amazing! From the cover art(Yay Cleveland Thrasher!) to the quality of music, it’s the total package. Mike Posner is a dime a dozen. As far as your features on this mixtape goes, your lyrical ability never disappoints me. However, your delivery is different.

    Now Sean, I’ve been a fan of your music ever since we were first introduced to you on Kanye’s “Can’t tell me nothing” mixtape(yeah, with the raw “Getcha Some”lol) & I’ve followed your career since then. I know you’ve recently been drawing a lot of comparisons to a certain someone whom I won’t mention, but I honestly have to say I hear the similarity just as those people did. The difference between myself and them is that they probably never heard records like “All Night” & “Streets on lock”.

    All in all, I just hope to hear a little bit of the old with the new on the next mixtape/album. It’s clear that you are an inspiration to other artists because I’ve heard more than a few of them take a page from your “Supa Dupa”. Anyway, keep up the great work. I’m always looking forward to the new music. God Bless!

  8. Hasaan N. says:

    Mixtape is great but the two verses from u were fire!
    Speed of Sound is crazier tho.
    Keep doing ya thing, u getting better on every song imo

  9. BUDD KELLY says:

    da whole mixtape is good im feelin dat speed of sounds with u

  10. William Arnold says:

    This mixtape is a great piece of work. I love your verses and it’s all fresh. I am so looking forward to my ears getting to listen to your third mixtape this month.

    What I have grown to love is how Posner and yourself are at the top of your game when you are together. I am truly wanting to hear an entire compilation album from the both of you.

    Anyways keep up the good work! Both of you! I am looking forward to hearing more about the next mixtape soon! Keep us posted!

  11. A.Coney says:

    Cover art is sick. Shout outs Mister (Cleveland) Thrasher!

  12. kenny cochran says:

    its all G.o.o.d man..youre gonna shine man…huge fan….never disapointed..

  13. DJ.SHANE.T says:

    bring me down is a powerful track. keep bringing the houses down!!!

  14. CuonG says:

    Speed of sound Verse is awesome….Can’t wait for the album….keep it up…

  15. GOODears4muzic says:

    SPEED OF SOUND IS RIDICULOUS!!!! Yall r in rare form when yall hook up… its hot erritime

  16. zachkushhh says:

    duuuude you legit killed it on the mixtape, those verses really made me a huge fan now

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