Weekend Recap 4

5 Responses to Weekend Recap 4

  1. Jabari Manwarring says:

    big u so cool yo u on some next level shit on speed of sound and bring me down props for that can’t wait to see u make it big

  2. Robert Zeman says:

    That song playing when you’re in the airport sounds real nice. Can’t wait for Finally Famous to drop!

  3. Robert Zeman says:

    Nevermind…the song from the airport scene is “Speed of Sound” from Mike Posner’s new mixtape. Sick.

  4. wsquar3d says:

    yo, the studio footage is rad… and please don’t have skits/talking-interludes on your album…that’s the biggest fail a good artist makes. good music speaks itself. dig??
    peace, much love.


  5. JEY! says:

    paper chase vdeo?? niice.! ily sean, chec my blog :)

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